first_imgBalance the body for optimum wellness, courtesy of The Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. Lack of energy and even some illnesses can indicate an imbalance in our inner elements, caused by anything from emotional distress to a hectic lifestyle. Intent on restoring wholeness and connection, The Geo Spa has introduced a Guide to Harmony, an energy-assessment experience to help guests identify the lifestyle changes needed to achieve optimum wellness.The Guide to Harmony empowers guests to take control of their wellbeing through a simple-to-follow approach that they can begin at the resort and continue back home. As part of the programme, all guests aged 16 upwards are invited to attend a complimentary 30-minute energy assessment at The Geo Spa, comprising an analysis of energy levels and a diagnosis to determine which element is most out of balance.Did you know?• Balancing our inner earth element has a positive effect on our physical self. It grounds and nourishes us, bringing a sense of structure, security, and wellness.• The water element represents the fluidity of our subconscious mind and inner energies. Balancing it helps soothe our emotions and enhance feelings of joy.• Balancing our inner fire element helps channel powerful forces of passion, creativity and wisdom, fuelling us to trust the spark of our own intuition.• A balanced air element helps keep us calm and focused, capable of clear thought, a positive demeanour and a good sense of perspective.last_img

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