Dramatic collapse leaves India facing whitewash in ODI series against Australia

first_imgCANBERRA, Australia (AP):Kane Richardson took five wickets, including four in his last four overs, as Australia held on to beat India by 25 runs yesterday and extend their lead to 4-0 with one match remaining in the limited-overs international series.Aaron Finch made 107 and David Warner returned from paternity leave to score 93 as Australia posted a total of 348-8 after winning the toss and batting.India were coasting at 277-1 in reply in the 38th over but lost their last nine wickets for 46 runs, with Richardson taking 4-16 in a match-turning spell and returning 5-68 for the innings.Shikhar Dhawan scored 126 and Virat Kohli added 106, the pair sharing a 212-run partnership for the second wicket and seemingly setting India on course for a victory until the dramatic late collapse ended with the visitors all out for 323 in 49.2 overs.The pattern of the series changed slightly yesterday; India batted first in each of the first three matches and lost.Finch reached his seventh ODI century from 97 balls. It was his first against India and his second at Manuka Oval in the Australian capital. Warner was the main aggressor in a blazing beginning by the Australian openers, who rushed to 40-0 after five overs. Warner was out in the 30th over when he chopped a ball from Ishant Sharma on to his middle stump.Finch was out when Australia were 221-2 in the 38th over after he and Mitchell Marsh had added only 34 runs in 8.4 overs. The opener reached 100 with a single from his 97th delivery, two years after his first century at Manuka Oval against South Africa. Finch was finally caught off Umesh Yadav, skying a pull shot to Ishant Sharma at mid-on.Finch’s power-hitting claimed one notable casualty. In the 17th over, his straight drive hit English umpire Richard Kettleborough on the right leg and Kettleborough was forced to retire from the match. He was replaced by Australia’s Paul Wilson.Steve Smith hit the ball powerfully from the outset and reached his 50 from 27 balls.The Australians lost 5-37 to lose momentum before Glenn Maxwell hit 41 from 20 balls with six fours and a six, falling to the last ball of the innings.The fifth match will be played in Sydney on Saturday. – APlast_img read more

Govt receives CoI report

first_imgDrop-in Centre deathsThe final report of the Commission of Inquiry into the deaths of Antonio and Joshua George, who perished in the July 8 fire at the Hadfield Street, Georgetown, Drop-in Centre, was on Friday handed over to Minister of State Joseph Harmon at the Ministry of the Presidency by Commissioner Retired Colonel Windee Algernon.Minister of State Joseph Harmon receives the report from Commissioner, Retired Colonel Windee Algernon (centre-right). Also in photo are Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence and Chief Fire Officer acting Winston McGregorAccepting the report Harmon said that the recommendations within the preliminary report have been taken very seriously and that President Granger has since requested of the Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan that a “fresh look” be given to the fire safety precautions and possible fire hazards at government buildings.“Now that we have the [final] report, we are confident that the various ministries and Government departments will look at the recommendations and do what is required so that we can provide safe and secure places not only for children, but for everyone. This was a tragedy, but as a State we have a responsibility to every person… This is a wakeup call for us insofar as fire safety and security are concerned,” the minister said.Copies of the report were also presented to Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence, and Chief Fire Officer acting, Winston McGregor.Minister Lawrence in brief remarks echoed Minister Harmon’s sentiments that the incident was a wakeup call and assured both the Minister and the Commissioner that the recommendations within the report will be looked at closely.“There is already a meeting, which is scheduled to be held next week with the Director and Management of the Child Protection Unit in which we will discuss an action plan on how to implement the recommendations listed in the report,” she said.McGregor assured the Minister that the Guyana Fire Service is doing everything in its power to ensure that all public buildings are safe and adhere to fire safety guidelines.Commenting on the contents of the report, Colonel Algernon said that in its compilation, she sought to provide much needed recommendations that would see the implementation of necessary mechanisms and systems that would prevent such an occurrence in the future.Antonio George, 6, and his two-year-old brother Joshua George, along with three other siblings were taken into care at the Centre two days prior to their demise.This was after an investigation into allegations that they were neglected and abused by their relatives.On the day the children were supposed to be given to the care of relatives, the two young brothers perished in a fire which occurred at the Drop-in Centre.It was reported that the younger brother was asleep in the dormitory when the fire started and as the elder brother was being taken out of the building by caregivers, he rushed back in to save his little brother. However, he got trapped in the building.last_img read more

Can Romelu Lukaku fire Manchester United to Premier League glory? – CORAL DD

first_imgCoral’s Simon Clare joins the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast to round up the latest sporting odds.Can the arrival of Romelu Lukaku boost Manchester United’s chances of returning to Premier League title glory this season?The striker is set to join the Red Devils in the coming days after the Red Devils confirmed they have agreed a £75m fee with Everton.Jose Mourino’s side are 3/1 second favourites to be crowned champions this season, with crosstown rivals Manchester City the top 7/4 favourites.Defending champions Chelsea are 10/3 third favourites to claim back-to-back titles, while last season’s runners-up Tottenham are 8/1 and Liverpool and Arsenal are both 11/1.Meanwhile, Everton are 100/1 for a surprise title tilt, following the return of Wayne Rooney.Everton’s summer spending is set to rise above £100m, and Ronald Koeman’s new-look side are 2/1 to secure a place in the top six and 8/1 to seal a top four finish.Coral is the official betting partner of the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfastlast_img read more

Cambrian Explosion Louder Still

first_imgDarwin started a tradition of worrying about the Cambrian Explosion.  Over time the problem has only worsened; now we know that all the animal phyla appeared suddenly in the oldest strata containing metazoan (multi-celled) animals.  In recent decades, evolutionists had hoped that the strange Ediacaran fossils would provide the needed missing links.  In addition, some thought they had found embryos of early metazoans in the exceptionally-preserved Precambrian beds of China.  Those hopes have now been dashed, leading to moans and groans from Darwinians.New techniques have allowed a closer look at the alleged embryos.  Using a non-invasive synchrotron X-ray microscope, an international team has reported their findings in Science.1  Result: not embryos, but cysts of protists.  N. J. Butterfield, writing in the same issue of Science,2 explained the misery of disappointment:Ever since Darwin there has been a disturbing void, both paleontological and psychological, at the base of the Phanerozoic eon. If his theory of gradualistic evolution be true, then surely the pre-Phanerozoic oceans must have swarmed with living animals—despite their conspicuous absence from the early fossil record. Thus, the 1998 report of fossilized animal embryos in the early Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation of South China was met with almost palpable relief. It was indeed the fossil record that had let us down, not the textbooks, and certainly not the exciting new insights from molecular clocks. All was not as it seemed, however, and new data from Huldtgren et al. on page 1696 of this issue,1 look set to revoke the status of these most celebrated Ediacaran fossils.The main point is that these spores are not on the way to becoming animal body plans.  “Although unquestionably eukaryotic, the fossils are not metazoan, or even properly multicellular by all appearances,” Butterfield said.  The researchers tried to put a semi-happy face on their conclusion by claiming it might still represent a transition “that evolved after the last common ancestor of animals and fungi, but before the last common ancestor of living (that is, crown-group) animals”.  Here’s what Butterfield had to say about that: “In terms of progressivist storytelling, this all seems a little too good to be true,” since other microbes have a similar growth habit.  The authors even acknowledge that “the much broader distribution of this habit undermines its utility as a phylogenetic marker,” Butterfield added.Yet Butterfield struggled to maintain his equanimity in spite of the disappointment.  “Interpretation at this level is inevitably impressionistic, but to my eye there is still a case for identifying the Doushantuo fossils as embryos, albeit algal rather than animal.”  Needless to say, an alga is not anything like an animal (think trilobite with articulated limbs and complex eyes; see 12/07/2011).In the expected manner of P.R. departments, the University of Bristol put out a press release spun in progressivist storytelling, with the tried-and-true “shedding light” metaphor: “Chinese fossils shed light on the evolutionary origin of animals from single-cell ancestors.”  PhysOrg inhaled and exhaled it unprocessed, even with the triumphalist but contradictory preface:All life evolved from a single-celled universal common ancestor, and at various times in Earth history, single-celled organisms threw their lot in with each other to become larger and multicellular, resulting, for instance, in the riotous diversity of animals. However, fossil evidence of these major evolutionary transitions is extremely rare.To get to the agony of defeat, one needs to move past the cheerleading headline:Professor Philip Donoghue said: “We were very surprised by our results – we’ve been convinced for so long that these fossils represented the embryos of the earliest animals – much of what has been written about the fossils for the last ten years is flat wrong.  Our colleagues are not going to like the result.”Professor Stefan Bengtson said: “These fossils force us to rethink our ideas of how animals learned to make large bodies out of cells.”One remarkable facet of these fossils was noted in the press release: “The organisms should not have been fossilized – they were just gooey clusters of cells – but they were buried in sediments rich in phosphate that impregnated the cell walls and turned them to stone.”  What this implies that if real metazoans or their embryos were present, they could have been preserved.1. Huldtgren et al., “Fossilized Nuclei and Germination Structures Identify Ediacaran ‘Animal Embryos’ as Encysting Protists,” Science 23 December 2011:Vol. 334 no. 6063 pp. 1696-1699, doi: 10.1126/science.1209537.2. N. J. Butterfield, “Paleontology: Terminal Developments in Ediacaran Embryology,” Science 23 December 2011: Vol. 334 no. 6063 pp. 1655-1656, doi: 10.1126/science.1216125.“Progressivist storytelling.”  Nice.  That was Butterfield’s term.  You don’t have to quote us to prove that Darwinism relies on progressivist storytelling.  They know it.  They just don’t always say it.  If you removed the hopeful hype from evolutionary papers and press releases, you would be left with data that support intelligent design.Those who have watched the documentary Darwin’s Dilemma might recall that it referred to the Doushantuo fossils as embryos.  Even if that interpretation is now shown to be incorrect, it doesn’t change the argument: strata that were able to fossilize “gooey clusters of cells” should have been able to preserve transitional animals if they were present.  The point is actually strengthened by this paper.  They weren’t even embryos; they were clumps of microbes!  So not only does this increase the phylogenetic distance between Precambrian fossils and Cambrian metazoan fossils, it shows that no transitional forms appear in the ideal conditions of the Chinese Doushantuo deposits.  Score another shutout against Darwinian evolution.Butterfield spoke of a “disturbing void” among evolutionists that was in part “psychological”.  Do you have a void in your life?  Are you feeling something big is missing from your world view?  Would you like to fill that void?  Christians teach that we all have a God-shaped vacuum in our soul that only God can fill.  That’s what Christmas is about: the Creator of life on earth has communicated with us in the person of God the Son, giving us hope, meaning and purpose.  Do some research this holiday season.  A good place to explore for answers is AllAboutGod.com.(Visited 43 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Malawi villages get floating clinic

first_imgRay Maota The Chauncy Maples, Malawi’s oldest ship, is being renovated to become a floating clinic, servicing the villagers living along Lake Malawi. (Image: Chauncy Maples) Villagers who live along Lake Malawi usually use dug-out canoes to reach their nearest medical facility. This is dangerous during high tides and could lead to drowning. (Image: Wikipedia) MEDIA CONTACTS • Mark Holford  Thomas Miller: Fundraising director   of the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust  +1 415 956 6537 RELATED ARTICLES • China injects R1.7bn into Malawi • Malawi health workers help fill gap • Malawi: Africa’s warm heart • Scientists abuzz over mosquitoThe historic Chauncy Maples, Malawi’s oldest ship, is being turned into a floating clinic to bring much-needed healthcare services to fishing villages along the shores of the country’s massive lake.Currently, it can take up to 16 hours for Malawians living in remote lakeside villages to reach their nearest medical care facilities, which could be as far as 80km away.Their means of travel is usually a dug-out canoe, which offers little protection against crocodiles and hippos, and paddling during high tide means drowning is also a threat.These risks have prompted the decision to turn the ship into a floating clinic.Dr Charles Mwansambo, Malawi’s principal health secretary, said: “Districts that are part of Lake Malawi still have an average of more than 25% of their populations unable to access healthcare.“This presents a real challenge as people have to use any available water transportation to access healthcare, although that option may be risky at times. Water transport is also not available all the time.”The Malawi government had already started renovating the ship in 2009 when UK journalist and author Janie Hampton visited the lake area on a holiday and resolved to raise funds to complete the project.Hampton initiated the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust in the same year. So far US$1.6-million (R11.4-million) has been raised, although $1.5-million (R10-million) is still needed to complete the renovation process.Hampton said: “Everyone I met along the lakeside was very keen for this to happen.” Referring to the ship, Hampton added: “We want to make sure she will last at least another 30 years.”According to the trust, half of the Malawian population lives in abject poverty, earning less than a $1 (R7) a day. The death rate among children under five is 111 in every 1 000, and a single doctor has to provide services to 52 000 people.The project to revive the historic ship will boost health-service delivery, preserve Malawi’s shipping heritage, promote eco-friendly engineering by recycling old parts of the ship, and teach locals about engineering principles and marine life. It will also become Malawi’s national symbol of pride.The public can help the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust by making financial contributions online or donating marine parts and medical equipment.Major sponsors of the project are Thomas Miller, an insurance conglomerate which donated $400 000 (R2.7-million) and the Ana Leaf Foundation, a charity organisation that donated $161 000 (R1-million).Other smaller donors of the project each donated $40 000 (R270 000), $16 000 (R108 000) and $4000 (R27 000) respectively.The bishop behind the shipThe ship is the namesake of Bishop Chauncy Maples, an Anglican missionary who set up the Anglican Mission on Likoma Island on Lake Malawi in 1886.The cleric was consecrated as the sixth Bishop of Nyasaland in 1895 and on his way to take up his duties, his ship capsized in a storm on the extensive lake. He was the only fatality.The Chauncy Maples was commissioned in 1898 and was designed by Henry Brunel and Sir John Barry.It was built in Glasgow, Scotland, for $22 000 (R148 000) and was then taken piece by piece to Lake Malawi.It was assembled by 1901 and its initial purpose was to act as a floating missionary school, an emergency refuge from Arab slave traders and a hospital ship.The third largest lake in AfricaLake Malawi is situated between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. It is the third largest lake in Africa and is 580km long and 75km wide.The biggest body of freshwater in Africa is Lake Victoria, and the second biggest is Lake Tanganyika.Lake Malawi is one of the country’s major tourist attractions, boasting stretches of unspoilt beaches and luxurious resorts.The lake is rich in cichlid fish, which is the basic staple food for people living in the villages along its shores.last_img read more

Strike at Maruti’s Manesar plant called off, sacked staff taken back

first_imgThe 13-day strike at the country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki India’s (MSI) Manesar plant in Gurgaon was called off late on Thursday night following a deal brokered by Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda between the workers and the management.As part of the deal, MSI will reinstate all the sacked 11 workers and take a lenient approach on enforcing no-work-no- pay rule of eight day’s salary cut for every single day of the strike.On the other hand, the worker’s have conceded to the management’s demand of not allowing the formation of a second union in the company.”Agreement has been signed and workers have decided to call off the strike. They will resume work from Friday”, Haryana Labour Secretary Sarban Singh said.He said the company has decided to reinstate all the 11 sacked employees and a disciplinary inquiry will be initiated against them.-With PTI inputsFor more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img read more

Miami Created A Cool Map Showing The Locations Of All 29 Current ‘Cane Commits

first_imgmap showing location of their commits.Twitter/@CanesFootballTo say that Miami is off to a fast start in recruiting is a massive understatement. The U already has 20 commits for its 2016 class, six for the class of 2017, and three for 2018. Perhaps most impressively, all 29 players from from Florida, with most of them coming from the Miami area. Al Golden and his staff will apparently barnstorm the state over the next three weeks in recruiting, and put together a very impressive map of the 29 current commits.Tomorrow. Day 1 of 3 straight weeks in the F-L-A!!! #Swag16, #Squad17 & #Storm18, we are coming for !!! pic.twitter.com/8Nqv9DrnFV— Hurricanes Football (@CanesFootball) May 4, 2015Miami currently has the No. 2 ranked classes in each of the next three years. Al Golden is probably coaching for his job this fault, but coming out of the gates like this on the recruiting trail won’t hurt his status either.last_img read more

Uljanik Plovidbas Tanker Detained in Australia

first_imgCroatian-flagged tanker Pomer has been detained in the port of Gladstone, Australia, over delayed salaries to the ship’s crew.The ship’s owner Uljanik Plovidba from Croatia said on Monday that the ship was detained on October 12 by the port inspectors despite the fact that the delayed salaries had been paid before the ship arrived to the port.“Detaining of the ship is in no way impacting the unimpeded commercial and other activities underway in the Port of Gladstone,” the company said.The continuation of the ship’s journey is expected withing the previously agreed deadline, dependent upon confirmation of the salary payment from the relevant banks, Uljanik Plovidba added, without disclosing further details.Based on its latest AIS data, the oil/chemical tanker, built in 2011, remains moored in Gladstone.Uljanik Plovidba has nine ships in its fleet, four dry bulkers and five tankers.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Judge faulted for nixing incourt voice recording of cops testimony

first_imgTORONTO – A man convicted of various drug and related offences won a new trial on Tuesday because a judge wouldn’t allow a high-quality voice recording of a police officer the accused alleged had set him up.Court records show Brett Dunstan argued York Regional Police had staged a break-in at his home in Markam, Ont., in September 2011, and that an officer had then anonymously reported the incident.Evidence was the caller reported seeing eight men running from the home. He gave the address, said they looked suspicious, and hung up. Because the call was to a non-emergency police number, its origin could not be traced.Responding to the call, police entered the home without a warrant and found marijuana, cocaine and other drugs, as well as $100,000 in cash.Dunstan argued the police entry had violated his rights and what they found was inadmissible as evidence. He alleged Staff Sgt. Cyril Gillis had been the anonymous caller, something the officer denied.To make its case, the defence wanted to compare Gillis’s voice with that of the caller by way of expert spectrographic analysis. Such analysis depends among other things on the ability of a microphone to capture a full range of vocal sounds in an undistorted fashion.However, Superior Court Justice Michael McKelvey nixed a pre-trial request for an order allowing the defence to use a high-quality microphone to record testimony from Gillis. McKelvey said he had no authority to make such an order in part because of a general ban on in-court audio and video recordings.He also said it was up to Dunstan to prove the entry was illegal.In overturning the conviction, the Appeal Court found the judge was wrong to conclude he did not have the power to order the high-quality audio recording of Gillis’s testimony — especially given the accused’s right to properly defend himself in a fair trial.“The pre-trial application judge concluded that the circumstances of the anonymous call were suspicious, that it was unlikely the call was made by a concerned citizen, and that it was reasonable to question whether Staff Sgt. Gillis was the caller,” the Appeal Court said. “In the end, however, he was not persuaded that Staff Sgt. Gillis was in fact the caller.”But the Appeal Court said McKelvey should have allowed the defence request for a good quality voice sample, saying the general ban on recording was largely aimed at preserving decorum in the courtroom and didn’t apply in this case. In any event, the judge had the authority to make the order sought.In any event, the court noted, Gillis’s testimony was being recorded with a low-end microphone for normal court purposes anyway.“The rights of an accused should not turn on the particular level of technology utilized by the court,” the court said.The Court of Appeal also agreed with Dunstan that he should not have had to prove that the warrantless search violated his rights.Because police admitted going into the house without a warrant, it was up to the prosecution to justify the entry, particularly in light of the “air of reality” to the allegation that Gillis had made the anonymous phone call and that he or his team was responsible for the initial break-in.The Appeal Court did stress that its order for a new trial didn’t mean it had concluded it believed Dunstan’s allegations against the officer or that he might be able to prove them at trial.last_img read more

Rival groups clash in Behala over supply of building materials several injured

first_imgKolkata: Several persons got injured after two groups got involved in a clash over supply of building materials at Prafulla Sen Colony in Behala on Sunday night.Locals claimed that at least seven persons were injured and two of them reportedly sustained major injuries. The locals also alleged that during the scuffle someone had fired a shot but no one was hit by the bullet. According to locals, the two groups were involved in supplying building materials in the area and they often used to get involved in altercations and scuffles over the same. Recently, one of the group’s leader, identified as Satyajit Sarkar, allegedly attacked his rival group’s members. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellersWhen the other group retaliated, the situation got worse. Both the groups pelted stones and bricks at each other. Later, they allegedly used bamboo sticks to beat up each other. A few locals also suffered minor injuries in the incident. Amidst the clash, police were informed by some local residents. Upon receiving the news, police personnel from Behala police station went to the spot and intervened. The injured persons were rushed to the Vidyasagar State General Hospital, from where they were treated and discharged. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaSources informed that later on Monday morning, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), South West Division (SWD) Nilanjan Biswas visited the spot. Though locals alleged that gunfire took place, police are not sure about whether any shot was actually fired or not. On Monday two cases were lodged by both the parties involved in the clash against each other and five persons from both groups have been arrested. Police are investigating the case to find out the exact cause of the clash. Both the cases have been initiated on charges of 341 IPC (punishment for wrongful restraint), 324 IPC (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means) and 114 IPC (abettor present when offence is committed).last_img read more