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Victim still critical, stabbed 23 times

first_imgKitty stabbingBy Romario SamarooSelina Ramotar, 29, who was stabbed at least 23 times about her body is still in a critical state three days after the incident took place.Ramotar of Lot 65 David Street, Kitty, Georgetown, was attacked on Saturday night by her estranged child-father, Uttanpad Sewnarine, 39, also known as Paddy or Omesh of Campbelville, Georgetown.The mother of one is currently in Hospital where she was rushed into the emergency room and immediately prepped for surgery.Selina Ramotar was stabbed at least 23 times about her bodySister of the victim Tricia Ramotar related to Guyana Times that there was an unusual swelling in her sister’s stomach and the doctors could not identify what was the cause: “A tube was attached to her in order to drain out the bad bodily fluids and she had already received two units of blood as well as saline.”The victim’s mother Melina Ramotar indicated that the doctors have told the family that the injuries still remain life threatening and that they could not determine if these injuries will have a lasting effect on her daughter.According to Tricia Ramotar: “Selina and I left to purchase Chinese food around the corner from our home while Paddy was following us but eventually turned back. When we arrived in front of the yard, he was still standing there and upon walking in the passageway, she gave me her cellphone and asked for it to be charged, so I came in the yard leaving her outside with paddy.”The family disclosed that they were in the house when they heard faint screams coming from the passageway, so they rushed out, only to see the gruesome scene.“In the dark, a gunshot was fired and by the time we reached to the front we noticed Selina drop to the floor, gasping for breath with blood gushing from her. We thought she was shot but it was our neighbour firing warning shots to scare off Paddy,” the sister recalled.“We called 911, 912, 913 and all were engaged so we called Kitty Cabs to come who rushed her to the hospital.”The mother of one was stabbed in her abdomen, breast, back, chin and face, with large gashing cuts inflicted on both her hands, a few of which almost reportedly killed her.Sewnarine and Ramotar shared an on-and-off relationship that lasted about ten years but the couple had never lived together.The distressed family revealed that Sewnarine would, from time to time, display violent outbursts by slapping, choking and punching her and he would usually stalk the woman.From Left: Tricia Ramotar (sister), Daughter (eight years old) and Melina Ramotar (mother)It was also disclosed that Paddy is married and living with his wife but still chooses to pursue his child-mother.After the gruesome stabbing incident Sewnarine who is a bus driver on route 40, was tied up by neighbours and turned over to the Police who are investigating the crime.last_img read more