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At UN South Sudan reaffirms resolve to uphold historic peace accord

“The people of South Sudan were yearning for peace and our President took the courageous step with the help of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and others…to sign on 26 August 2015 a Peace Agreement with the rebel leadership to silence the guns and end the war, he said.That signature was immediately followed by the President’s declaration of Permanent Ceasefire in the following day, he announced during the 70th annual General Debate.Yet, he said that the ceasefire is currently only holding in some parts of the country. This is mainly due to the absence of a Joint Monitoring and Verification Mechanism being installed on the ground.Mr. Igga also said that peace and security is the “paramount responsibility” of the Government. He also added that there are ongoing investigations on reports of human rights abuses by elements associated with our security institutions. “Committing crimes against the people we govern, or violation of human rights, has never and shall never be condoned by our Government. Promoting and protecting the safety of persons, family and community and their physical and social wellbeing is a duty that we take more seriously. We will not allow impunity to reign,” he stated.He further asked for sanctions and travel restrictions on South Sudanese officials to be lifted and urged the international community to extend their support in order to cement its peace and stability. “More than any other time in our conflict riddled history, the upcoming post-conflict imperatives of resettlement, rehabilitation, and disarmament require concerted financial and technical intervention from our many good friends around the world,” he said. “South Sudan is very resilient and its future is certainly full of hope particularly with all your assistance and cooperation, but it should not be subjected to undeserved isolation and sanctions, given its level of fragility as a new country,” he added. read more