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Abducted cops assaulted and freed

The four people including two policemen who were abducted by wildlife officers at the Udawalawa national park yesterday during a raid on ganja plantations, have been freed after being assaulted.According to the police media unit, the four people have been admitted to hospital for treatment and investigations are underway to identify the suspects. After locating one ganja plantation two policemen were stationed at that location with weapons while the others proceeded to another location in the park to look for more ganja plantations.The police media unit said that at this time a group of wildlife officers of the park had abducted the two policemen and two others who assisted in the raid. (Colombo Gazette) The police said that the policemen were part of a 22 member police team involved in the raid at the park. The police said yesterday that wildlife officers had abducted two policemen and two others who were involved in a raid on a ganja plantation in the Udawalawe national park. read more