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12 challenges men face that women just dont understand

first_imgLAST NIGHT, WE brought you some of the challenges women face that men will never understand, so tonight we thought it would be only fair to acknowledge the pain of the other side.For they too suffer at the hands of biology and this cruel cruel world.After much research, here are 12 challenges men face that women just don’t understand.Having to wear suits in hot weatherGoing to a formal occasion on a hot day?  As a woman, you can pop on a light dress and you’ll probably be alright.As a man, you’ll be forced to wear a suit and then spend the day afraid to take off your jacket because of the gargantuan sweat patches that now consume most of your shirt.TesticlesWomen will never ever understand what it’s like to get kicked in these guys.  They will just never understand.As for the itching at times when a good scratch is not an option?  A nightmare.SpotsAll humans get spots, but most men do not feel they have the option to cover them up with makeup.It’s a cruel, cruel world.Not getting complimentsWomen compliment each other all the time, and frequently expect their men to compliment them too.Guys?  Sure you’re lucky if a mate says he likes your runners.  Take it from us, men, you’re bleedin’ gorgeous.Inconvenient erectionsUncomfortable and beyond your control.  No woman can even imagine what that’s like.Being expected to make the first move Yes, dynamics have changed somewhat over the past fifty years, but the bulk of the initial activity in relationships is still expected to be done my men.And let’s be real, that ain’t easy.Nipple chafing while runningIf you’re a running woman, you’ve probably got a sports bra protecting your delicate nipples.Men?  They learn about nipple coverage the hard way.  Frequently by bleeding through their t-shirts.Restricted clothing optionsMany men are happy to spend the bulk of their life wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a suit.  However, there are some who would love to have the full range of colour and style that women have to choose from.Guys who wish they could occasionally throw on a David Beckham style sarong?  We feel for you.ChildbirthYes, it’s the woman who has to endure the physical pain, but it’s not easy to watch the person you love experience something that difficult knowing that there is nothing you can do to help.It’s a different kind of pain, but it’s pain all the same.ShavingIt’s inconvenient, time consuming and never-ending!Not to mention frequently itchy and painful.Hair lossCompletely beyond your control (unless you’re doing a Wayne Rooney) and actually really troubling.One day you’re a young virile man, the next day you’re middle aged with a receding hairline.Hair gainSomehow, when all the hair is leaving your head, it starts appearing in places you don’t want it.Who wants tufts of growth coming from their ears and nose?  No one, that’s who.12 challenges women face that men just don’t understand>There’s a new ‘UCC Bird of the Day’ Facebook page already>last_img read more