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Growing disconnect between Canadians and nature poll

first_imgOTTAWA – There appears to be a growing disconnect between Canadians and nature.A poll from the Nature Conservancy of Canada has found three-quarters of us say it’s easier to spend time indoors. Dan Kraus with the conservancy believes it’s our responsibility as parents to teach our kids about the importance of being outside.“Sometimes we do need to plan to get out into larger places. We can’t get out into wilderness areas every day, but but it is something we can at least try to expose out kids to that a few times a year,” said Kraus, adding the poll indicates 94 per cent of us recognize the benefits of spending time in nature for our physical and mental health.Kraus also said it’s important to get outside — not just for health reasons — but for conservation reasons as well.“Nature not only provides us with incredible health benefits, but it also provides us with important what scientists sometimes call ‘ecological services’, or the free stuff that nature provides us like cleaning and storing out water or helping to purify our air.”Kraus adds introducing youth to the beauty of nature can inspire them to help protect it in the future.last_img read more